Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

There are a lot of people who can’t complete their work on time, or they just don’t feel to do their job. This thing has now become a problem, and people are finding solutions to kill procrastination and be productive. Here are some apps which will keep you productive throughout the day!

There are a lot of apps which distract us from our work, and that is the reason we are always with our mobile phones. Have you ever wondered, How can we be productive with our cell phones? Well here are some apps to keep you productive. –

Official Link is available on Android and iOS. will come in handy if you often forget things. You can set reminders, write notes and do many more things. If you have set a reminder, then the app will send a notification and will remind you of your work. Here are some features –

  • A Very Simple UI – This is the best thing in the app, You don’t need to open various options to do anything as everything is available on the main screen!
  • Various Other Features – There are many features like reminders, Places to visit section, grocery list section, and many other functions.

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint –

Official site

These all three applications are a must have app if you are always on your phone or travel a lot. These applications can come in handy when you don’t have access to your PC, and you need to complete a powerpoint presentation or a Word file urgently!

We all know the features of all these applications. These applications provide the same functions as the PC version of these apps.

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WPS Office –

WPS Office is an excellent app and is also known as Kingston office. WPS Office is a very cool app because it has all the capabilities that an office app should have. Let us take a look at the features.

  • Complete Office App – You can do every official work in this app. This app has the support for word, excel powerpoint and many other tools too. You can edit, save and share directly from the app!
  • Easy to use – The Best thing about this app is that it is easy to use and has a mind-blowing UI.
  • You can do almost everything that is available in the PC version of office apps.


IFTT is an excellent app and is my personal favorite. This app is a lifesaver as it sets your phone on complete autopilot. You just need to set all the settings, and then you can set your phone on automation. This app can send messages, back up photos, and do many other tasks; You just need to setup the things.

This app can also message people automatically if you are near a location. This can help us be productive by saving a lot of time by setting things on automation.


We hope that all of the above apps help you be productive. If you know any more apps that deserve to be on this list, then feel free to comment down below 🙂