Your One Stop Solution To Watch Free TV Shows

TV is the favorite pastime of a lot of us geeks. We love to get on top of latest movies, be they Sci-Fi, Action, Thrillers or Horror, or any other genre. Along with our favorite TV shows, this hobby constitutes a major portion of both our entertainment and identity. Fortunately, you need not stay glued to your couch to keep yourself up to date with the latest episodes and movies. There are apps for that!

One such app is PlayBox HD. Alternatively called CinemaBox, this app is a wonderful way to keep track of the latest occurrences in your favorite TV show or get the latest installment of your most favorite movie series delivered right to your Smartphone.

What’s up with PlayBox?

PlayBox app is really the best in its genre. The perfectly arranged options and delightful interface are just some reasons PlayBox is awesome. The bifurcation of movie recommendations into the “New” and “Popular” subheads is one of the best things about the app. Apart from this, the app also lets you customise it as you require.

Getting to the collection, the number of titles is huge. There is something for the fan of every genre, actor or director. TV Shows, Documentaries, Anime and Cartoon lovers won’t be disappointed either. The synopsis is sufficiently detailed for each movie, the genres are well indicated and so is a lot of other vital information. Plus, with multiple resolutions and even dubbed versions, there is no dearth of options for people of all sorts of interests.

The best way to use PlayBox

It is best to pair your PlayBox HD app with an internet video downloader though. This is because the usual route of download is via the Android Downloader, which can be painfully slow at times. With an app like TubeMate or Vidmate to download content off of PlayBox, you can be sure the movies you love watching are going to be ready in your smartphone in a jiffy.

How to Get PlayBox for your Android

To get PlayBox HD, you need to get the app’s APK file. This is an easy. All you need is an internet connection. Simply Google “PlayBox APK” and you will find a truckload of results with websites offering you the latest APK to download for free. Get the file and tap it to install.

For those who are installing apps outside of the Android Play Store for the first time, you might need to enable apps from Unknown Sources, since Android doesn’t allow them by default due to security concerns. You can do this by going to “Settings” in the home menu. You should find a “Security” tab if you scroll a bit. Enter the tab. Look for “Unknown Sources” and toggle the button next to it to light it up. This will allow all apks of all sources to be installed as apps on your Android.

We hope this short exposition helped you. PlayBox is really a great app. For a proud geek like me, it is a great way of staying on top of my stuff even as I go about with work and school and everything in between. Do let me know if i can help you with anything.